Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A fun night cooking with Chef Eric Low and friends...

Baked Fish Fillet with Truffle Scented Mushroom Sauce in Filo Pastry
Prawn Bisque with Home Made Ravioli
Beef Stroganoff with Pilaf Rice
Upside-Down Prune/Plum Tart

Organised by AHES PD Committee

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ARAHE Philippines 2011

The Asian Regional Association for Home Economics will hold its 16th Biennial International Congress with the theme "Towards a more Sustainable, Commitment-Based, Family-Focused Perspective in Addressing Global Issues" on July 25-29, 2011 at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center Manila (ACCM) in Makati City, Philippines. This Congress is hosted by the Philippine Association for Home Economics in State Colleges and Universities (PAHESCU Inc.)

For more information, check out the official website:


The AHES Annual General Meeting 2011 will be held on 12 March 2011.
More information will be posted!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It is with great pleasure ARAHE Congress 2009 Organizing Committee invite you to ARAHE Congress 2009 in MKSSS, PUNE, INDIA.

ARAHE Congress was last held in Malaysia in 2007. We are delighted to have the opportunity to host ARAHE Congress 2009 .

The theme of the congress is “SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT THROUGH HUMAN EMPOWERMENT IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF HOME ECONOMICS” which will be focused in areas of current concern within: Sustainability, Globalization, Economy, Empowerment and Inter-culturalism.

We aim to have esteemed speakers/resource persons with specific reference to the core areas of Home Economics including:-
Consumer Issues, Family Economics, Family Resource Management
Design, Technology, Textiles, Clothing
Families, Childern, the Elderly, Households and Daily Life
Health, Food, Nutrition
Learning, Education

Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Photography, Advertising and Blogging (FAB module) workshop

Date : 19 June 2009, 9 to 5pm
Venue : NIE
Presented by AHES, in partnership with Canon

About 25 teachers signed up for the workshop. Ms Shirley Wong welcomed all of them and highlighted some of the advantages of attending the workshop :-

  1. to connect with students! Food photography and food blogging is exciting and current.
  2. to change the way your school and colleagues look at home economics.
  3. allows for interdisciplinary partnerships with other departments.
  4. it is an excellent module to launch for "white space" in the curriculum; creating a food photography portfolio is highly creative, and this is in line with the I&E intiatives.
  5. can be introduced as an optional post exam activity.

Shirley covered the module outline and conducted theory lessons with the teachers in the morning session.


There were plenty of opportunities for teachers to do hands-on session. Practice makes perfect!!!

Any camera we have, DSLR with long lens, point and shoot... LET'S TAKE PHOTOS.


And teachers shared the shots, discussed the colours, lighting and most importantly had lots of fun!


These are the colourful and yummy objects for phototaking. Smile, 123, Cheese!!!


A quick blogging session sharing was conducted by Pooi Pooi and Shirley Goh.


After lunch, everybody was excited to meet the Dr Leslie Tay who is the famous blogger of ieatishootipost.sg. He shared with us lots of great tips on food photography. We were encouraged to think out of the box and unleashed our creativity.


Mr Russel from Canon brought along few sets of DSLR for the teachers to practice taking photos. Before that he explained the functions of a DSLR camera to the teachers. He also shared what are the differences between capturing photos with a DSLR camera and a simple "point and shoot" camera.


Some teachers were tempted to purchase their own DSLR after having the oppportunity to try the cameras.


Overall it was a fun and enriching workshop for all the participants.

Special thanks go to our partners, Canon and Dr Leslie Tay for your time and valuable sharing on food photography:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


On the 5 June 2009, at Evergreen Secondary School, we were honoured to present the AHES past, current and upcoming events to about 150 teachers during the Home Economics Seminar 2009 organised by CPDD, MOE

Jasmine and Weiqi, our executive committee members from Publication and Personal Development presented the talk.


After the talk, there were many teachers dropped by at the AHES booth to enquire and sign up for our events. Some teachers also renewed their AHES membership. The response was very good and most of the workshops were fully booked on that day.


Group photo taken at AHES booth