Monday, March 2, 2009


In 1966, a handful of forward-looking Domestic Science teachers came up with the idea of forming an Association for Teachers of Domestic Science (ATDS). By 1967, they had formulated their aims and drawn up a constitution.

The aims of the Association were:

  1. to bring together teachers of Domestic Science;
  2. to forge a closer link between Domestic Science teachers and the Ministry of Education;
  3. to provide opportunities to share and exchange ideas for the improvement of the teaching of Domestic Science;
  4. to help organize functions related to the teaching of Domestic Science.

At the inaugural meeting in 1967, there were 28 members. Following which, in April 1970, the Association’s name was changed to Home Economics Teachers’ Association (HETA). This was done in accordance with the move to change the name of the subject from ”Domestic Science” to “Home Economics” by the Ministry of Education.

Some of its major achievements have been:

  1. quarterly Newsletters since 1970;
  2. affiliation to the International Federation of Home Economics (1973);
  3. the first HETA seminar on “Home Economics Serving the Community”;
    a booklet on “Popular Local Dishes in Metric” in four languages in conjunction with the Metrication Board.

A variety of programmes have been organized over the years such as seminars, competitions, fashion shows for teenagers and children, cookery competitions, community work, talks and demonstrations, radio and TV programmes, educational tours, vegetable carving classes and cookery courses conducted by members and chefs from leading hotels.

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